vendredi 13 août 2010

/// OUT OF PRINT ///

GHOSTRIDER - Demons (2011)

GHOSTRIDER is the debut cassette from Cologne dark synth guru Jens Pauly (formerly Temple Of Beeheads). Sci-fi tones & brooding minimalism leads the way to the open portals of your interior psyche. Droned out oceans of flowing arps for your spiritual demons.

C-22 / 80 copies


KON TIKI GEMINI - Night Nights (2011)

KON TIKI GEMINI jam some mellow atmospherics for those late night escapades
to the mountain to watch the sun rise. Ivan & Sergei (MPALA GAROO & BEDROOM BEAR) create a unique musical zone where time stands still and makes you want
to float forever. Total gripper for you smooth cats and night crawlers...

C-44 / 80 copies



Merging electronic treatments with live & sampled guitars, both acts create a weird capsule of eclectic confusion. RED MASS explore tape warped 60's psych rock, glitchy free jazz & heavy noise-punk in their short 20 minute side. ALEXANDRA GUTNIK uses old rock samples as a building ground for her electro-acoustic poems & sound collages. Great collab on this one...

C-46 / 80 copies


Recycled Tapes


JLK - Cold City Country (2010)

Jane L. Kasowicz takes you for a ride thru the long and lonesome road of her desert psyche. Using an old country music cassette as her backdrop, she lays down some distorted blues & rockabilly rhythms that bounce along her echoing vocals and coyote-like yelps. Noisier guitar works on the B) side flow with ease as the tempo reaches a faster pace, tapping into a psycho-active sound banquet...
A true experimental debut.

A) Distortions For Frankie Laine
B) Shake The Devil Out

60 Copies / C-30


TIDAL - Butterfly Coil (2011)

Tidal floats into the new year with a sweet lo-fi synth/drone burner.
Smooth tones glide slowly like a sleepy rocket to Mars.
No detours, just straight ahead...

Also be sure to check out his Spore Cluster tape out now on Digitalis.

50 Copies / C-50

A) Watermark
B) The Chronon


ZONOTOPE™ - Zero Gravity (2011)

Zonotope™ 's 3rd release aims for the stars with this minimal synth pop project... Very well crafted concept album about life in the electronic age and how man communicates in these abstract realities. Includes some cool early Eno-esque vocals!

50 Copies / C-20

Zero Gravity
Alienated in an Extraterrestrial Metropolis

Every Brain is a Universe
Passing Through the Star Gate
Comcast® EntityContact On Demand


CHARLATAN - Meridians (2011)

Charlatan 's Brad Rose (probably the busiest man of 2010) busts some crazy alien techno moves then drifts into nice synth soundscapes... Aquatic, bubbling pop from the future. Also be on the look-out for a North Sea tape on HC later this year!

50 Copies / C-36

Feathered Reentry

Everything Galactic


AUTISTIC ARGONAUTS - Magic Maggi Moments (2010)

Listening to Autistic Argonauts' music is like experiencing a brainwash experiment gone bad... Psychotic trauma sure to arise. Voices and sound effects moving from side to side, like an ocean of detuned electronics. Not mainly focusing on synths to build their sound, they dabble with abstract samples to create a bubbling intensity akin to Trisomie 21's weirdo freakouts. The second side of the tape focuses on subtler arrangements, sort of like a space-age fairy tale...

50 Copies / C-40

1) Harmonica as a Boy (Nicht im Abspann)
2) Schmackofatz I
3) Schmackofatz II
4) Brontë Party Girls
5) Giessen im Mai
6) Requiem For Susi


MARK BRADLEY - Exile (2010)

Mark Bradley slows down the drones and tones down the beats for this orchestral synth odyssey. Very organic progression of soundwaves that slowly crashes into the cosmic morphine shore...

50 Copies / CDr

1) Life Without
2) Dominion
3) On The Run
4) Prisoner Of Conscience
5) Exile
6) Statelessness
7) Find A Way Back
8) Stranded
9) Under The Falling Stars
10) Drifting, Dreamless


Over the last couple of years this guy has been making a name for himself with a whole ton of releases in a relatively short period of time. Making CDr appearances on Blackest Rainbow, Striate Cortex, Reverb Worship, Frequent Sea, Moribund Tree etc. From the backwards synth machinations of opener 'Life Without' things head into the blissed out classic ambient mode of 'Dominion' onto the frantic muted hi-hats and mysterious soundscapes of 'On The Run'. By the time we reach the spooked futurisms of 'Prisoner Of Conscience' it's clear that this is a cerebral journey that wont let go. The title track's floating tones and drones give way to the ultra-stoned electro of 'Statelessness' before things get even more slow motion and drugged out on 'Stranded'. 'Under The Falling Stars' gets dark and cosmic with the synthetic sounds of amplified wind and cascading waves. Finally 'Drifting Dreamless' is magnificently vivid with lush kosmische style synthesizer orchestrations and Radiophonic bleeps and textures.
A ride well worth jumping on for sure.
- Norman Records (UK)


PRADADA - Phantasy Visions (2009)

As the summer approaches, Pradada spikes the punch with his long awaited gothwave / psych surf album Phantasy Visions. These songs were recorded last summer, in the heat of beatbox driven garage rock and the flair and weirdness of drugged out synth spirals. This is the material that gave birth to the BEKO Digital Single and will be closely followed by an EP on cassette a little later this summer entitled Junk Ruby.

75 Copies / CD-R
White CDs w/ Stamped Title
2 Color Silkscreened Covers
B/W Insert Sleeve

1) Lay Down Your Heads
2) Wowo Girl
3) Moonshine Skulls
4) Dead End Of Existence
5) Wasted Indians
6) Haunted Skies
7) Soaring Shadows
8) Voodoo Of The Void
9) Drunken Ship
10) Deadbeat
11) Gone Baby Gone
12) Koko Serenade


Phantasy Visions commandeers the disturbed ritual-waves emanating from the depths of a cosmic jungle-vortex. Busted drums churn through a minor-key cult-fest that rivals The Pink Noise for its basement-macabre. PRADADA wins by reaching new levels of phantasmic antipathy within the layers of echo and destruction. A disturbing record not for the light of spirit and a certified contender for strangest album of the year. Forward all psychological damage claims to Hobo Cult mainstay Francesco de Gallo.
- Weird Canada


INNERCITY - New Dawn At Amnesia Beach (2010)

Innercity has developed a unique style utilizing sample based cut-ups, minimal beatboxes and vocal loops all wrapped up in a heavy blanket of lo-fi tape sound. These effects create a worn out type of haze that encapsulates the dreamy metaphysical worlds that our unconscious beings float in. Tropical landscapes and isolated souls roaming foreign beaches...

50 Copies / C-20


MISNER SPACE & SUNDRIPS - Split Tape + Bonus DVD (2010)

The mysterious quartet Misner Space floats in the dark realities of Sun Ra's abandoned jungles... unidentified string instruments echo in elusive drones & weirdo electronics resonate over the gauze.

Sundrips flow like an acid fountain, glass spheres gently rotating in your mind... Their subtle guitar & synth treatments create the ideal meditative atmosphere for complete mind release.

As a bonus, a special DVD by Moduli TV features 2 extra songs, selected for distorted VHS videos. Enjoy the colors...

C-40 / 50 Copies

Copies also available at Tomentosa + Discriminate + S.O.L Sound


THETLVMTH - Nastri Da Trasmettere (2010)

THETLVMTH blends heavy electronic bleeps with italian caramel arps... feels like a head trip to the mountains. Distorted dreams and sunny gazing...

C-40 / 50 Copies

Copies also available at Tomentosa + Discriminate + S.O.L Sound


ALEXEIN P ORIS & HOBO CUBES - Split Tape (2010)

Alexein P Oris summons the ghost of Oscar Sala with these beautiful electronic arrangements. Deep ocean piano loops, mind blowing Moog explorations, modular screams... A modern masterpiece!

Hobo Cubes drifts into deep-house sounding synth loops, connecting the dots with cloud-like vocals and lightspeed generated arps.

50 Copies / C-44

ALEXEIN P ORIS ::: Ancestors Future Reflections

I. Symbols & Domination
II. We Obeyed, We Saw
III. The Light & The Darkness, No Answer Yet.
IV. Repetition
V. Scream

HOBO CUBES ::: Fantasizer 1926

Fantasizer 1926


HYPE WILLIAMS - Junt / Deez Ruins You See (2010)

Hype Williams bangs out some psycho-tropical art space music for the youngins. Some simple tribal drumming, slow synth waves... Heavy mixture of blaze clouds and mind distortion. Sounds for the warp speed generation.


ZACK KOUNS - An Eastern Kentucky Boy's Death Is Shining Hard And Bright In His Chest (2010)

Zack Kouns presents us with a spiritual journey through the lives of family, friends, strangers and the unknown. With the help of trance inducing ragas, earnest Americana folk, weird religious poetry and some free jazz elements,
he tears deep at the wound of human kind, summoning angels and demons alike... experiencing traumatic elements and blissful states of enlightenment.

Be sure to catch some of his shows in Australia with Alps, from July 22 to July 31.

60 Copies / C-40
Laser Printed Color Sleeve
Includes Download Link
+ Lyric Sheet

1) Lost And Lonesome Heart
2) Church By The Middle School
3) Disappearing In And Out
4) Illinois
5) Brother, Lead Me Home
6) Hard Winter
7) Killed My Uncle
8) I Saw The Light From Heaven
9) I'd Rather Be Down Some Dark Holler Where The Sun Refuses To Shine
10) Buried Deep Within My Chest


WONDER WHEEL - Natural Selection (2010)

Paul A. Rosales, Wonder Wheel's creative mastermind, gave me the keys to the mansion when he said I could do a compilation album of his material. His back catalog now includes 34 albums, all of which was recorded in only 6 years! After a couple days of intensive listening, I selected some of my favorites from 2006-2009, which include home-recording gurus R. Stevie Moore and Ines Navarro. Avid enthusiast of his unique take on outsider synth pop, I was thrilled to wander the echoing halls of his lo-fi pop gems, filled with flowing 80's AM radio melodies, bouncing delayed vocals, shoegazing guitar fuzz, minimal beatbox cacophony and arpeggiated randomness. When you start listening to the music, you are instantly pulled into a whirl pool of teenage desire, angst and ecstasy. This is some dreamy, yet propulsive music with a lot of heart. The songs read like an open diary with encrypted messages. You get a feeling of what it could mean, but in the end, you just want to listen to his music over and over to try and understand this puzzling haze. Addictive sounds for the masses, with a refreshingly new approach to catchy writing. Some songs barely hold together, sounds just bouncing off each other... but that's the beauty of it. The ramshackle structures that keep you asking for more. Although, in recent years, Paul has been pushing the enveloppe with a cleaner and more distinctive arpeggiated synth palette, widening his musical focus in the fields of sound art and electroacoustic experiments (download Untouchables). Also being released this summer, Wonder Wheel I, another compilation album which will be out on vinyl, cd and digital download from the fine folks at Care In The Community Recordings (UK). There will be collaborative songs with Pradada and Ines Navarro appearing on that album. Stay tuned for more information on Wonder Wheel by visiting these links:

/// Wonder Wheel ///

/// Paul A. Rosales ///

/// WW Blog ///

/// Care In The Community Recordings ///


60 Copies / C-60
Gold Spraypainted Tapes w/ Color Ink Drips
Download Link Included


1) Algebra Problem
2) Future Home
3) Kiss
4) Ship's Piece
5) Body Counts w/ R. Stevie Moore
6) The Thirteen Year Old Nightmare
7) All She Made
8) I AM :


9) Hours
10) Sleep
11) Bedtime
12) B. Happy
13) TV Screen
14) Changed Faster
15) Pulled Over w/ R. Stevie Moore
16) Swingset II w/ Ines Navarro
17) Dig


McDeaf McDeath McDead - Religious Undertoad (2008)

McDDD drops some oldschool wisdom with these bible/acid soaked lyrics. His weird and freaky monotone flow is sometimes paired up with a high pitched version of itself... giving the sermon of God on 70s/80s style R&B joints with a certain NY hiphop flavor. Other tracks push the limits of horror film soundtracks with their outsider/paranoid tape slowdowns with warbles and crazy organ finger flip-outs. These religious highschool confessionals are definitely some of my favorite jams released by McDDD.

First Released by VNR (2008)
Rereleased by Hobo Cult (2010)
Edition of 50 Silver Tapes
Includes Download Link


1) A Type of Anxiety I Don't Ever Feel. (A Type of Goodness) (A Type of Excitement)
2) Intro to Education
3) Over Bridge
4) Comforting Music (With A Threatening Breeze) (Adam & Eve)
5) Elementary Ambition
6) Bring Me Presents
7) Excel Excel You Must Excel
8) Lightning Fever
9) The Funnest Games
10) Carnival
11) Drumming
12) Dumb Shit With Astro
13) Snow Blank
14) Holiday
15) Birds


1) Place To Go
2) Don't Toss Me Away Girlfriend
3) Goodbye Baby


HOBO CUBES - Hypnotic Infinitum (2010) - Patente Records

PATENTE Records (from Quebec) was kind enough to release a limited edition Hobo Cubes cd, which was delivered in person saturday night at the HOBO CUBES + SUNDRIPS + BERNARDINO FEMMINIELLI show. As a first full length album, Hypnotic Infinitum combines ambient arpeggiated soundscapes with kosmische driven melodies from some distant hallucinated tropics. Heavenly atmospheres float above lost islands, while the natives play their flutes and chant wordless symphonies... this is definitely the best sounding album Hobo Cubes has concieved. Special collaboration with Bernardino Femminielli on track 4. Beautiful die-cut cover on olive colored art paper.

1) Crystalline Vibrations
2) Axxa
3) L'Ultimo Sole
4) Onde Astrali w/ Bernardino Femminielli
5) Paradiso Perso

40 copies
CDR - 41:30


Existing within the submerged foliage of a hyper dimensional psychedelic jungle, Hypnotic Infinitum captures the untamed reverberations emanating from the core of unknowable places. At their centre there exists a triforce; a triumvareate of underwater libraries, astral exotica, and the granular brilliance of experimentation, from which Hobo Cubes emerge as a new wave of brilliant fringe mascinations. Yet another side project of the highly imaginative Francesco de Gallo (with some help from Bernardino Femminielli). The album is packaged beautifully by the die-cut masters from Patente. Amazing.
- Weird Canada


It's amazing how engaging the music of Montreal's Hobo Cubes can be with so few discernible hooks (I'm talking beats, melodies, harmonies—real traditional elements of musical substance), especially since it’s not totally ambient, and not really noise. But mastermind Francesco de Gallo reveals something uniquely musical here anyway, rooting his compositions in simple chromaticism and letting the pieces hover in palindromic stases for extended periods of time. The actual sounds on the disc are quite nice. Most synths have a self-contained buzz that radiate like layers of colorful TV static, squeezed and compressed into singular tones that are robust while also razor thin and pallid. Best of all, the music stacks these sounds across one another, from high pitches to deep swelling baritones that throb with irregular pulses while everything swirls in horizontal motion, making for a dizzyingly hypnotic state (jiving perfectly with this record's title).

"Hypnotic Infinitum" overall sounds like a gathering of ghosts—every sound produced might be one: a fluttering synth, a moaning swoop, a howling whoosh, or collaborator Bernardino Femminielli's distant vocals on "Onde Astrali." This record only invites the friendly ones, though. Otherworldly, grim and creepy? Absolutely, but also light and playful with whirligig effects and buoyant voices. See particularly "Axxa," which is the one song on the album with any kind of groove whatsoever, finding these digital ghouls at some sort of ball, dancing and twirling about the chandelier and old portraits. Suffice it to say, this is without a doubt one of the strangest releases I've heard all year, as alienating (and really, alien) as it is irresistible. 8/10
- Digitalis



GIO is a collection of 7 pieces.

Lo-Fi Origins. Minimal Explorations.
Poetic Interpretations. Stopping Time.

1) what leaves my eyes you've seen before
2) believe me when i say i want to love forever
3) plethora redux
4) drug mask
5) lo-fi waterfall recreation center
6) the desires of lovers
7) tropical language

C-30 / 40 Copies
Download Link Included



Hobo Cubes & Pwin ∆∆ Teaks gear up for a trip into psychosis...

Hobo Cubes launches a chillwave dub attack & electronic dark storm while
Pwin ∆∆ Teaks floats in a night of hypnagogic dementia.


1) Pool Party (Summer of '94)
2) Slumber Party (Truth or Dare)


3) The Secret Hypnagogic Dreams of Laura Palmer

60 Copies / CD-R
Laser Color Printed Covers
Black & White Insert Poster


VELVET CHROME - Thunder Shield (2010)

VC blast off with 6 new jams made especially for the show at La Brique with
Black Vatican. Spacey down-tempo diamonds cross paths with noise fueled guitar burners. Drone machines & beatbox rythms merge with ritualistic vocals.

40 Copies / CD-R
Black & White Artwork

1) Hot Rod
2) Cavalier Lunaire
3) Homeric Vision
4) No Spare
5) Spiral Vision
6) Noir Turquoise


HOBO CUBES & ARADIA / Split Tape (2009)

Hobo Cubes sculpts an invisible totem of crystal clear discovery and leads the path to Axis Mundi.

Aradia rises from the kistvaen and treads the dirty road to the Temple, occasionally stopping by shimmering waters.

50 Copies / C-44
Download Link Included


VC / Readymades Deluxe Edition (2010)

3rd and Final Edition
20 CDs / Includes 2 Bonus Songs
All Covers Unique
35 minutes


PANABRITE & HOBO CUBES - Split C-60 (2010)

Panabrite dives deep into the colorful and pulsating underworlds of the sea with his fourth release: Sub-Aquatic Meditation. Bouncy synth melodies and beautiful arps serve as a perfect soundtrack to your early morning journey into a free floating water paradise. A great tape for Library Music enthusiasts... speaking of which, you can download some great rips from Panabrite's vinyl collection on his blog Lunar Atrium.

Hobo Cubes gravitates towards spacey soundscapes with hints of tropical bliss. Driving arps and fluid drones merge nicely with the weird sounds layered above it all. Great follow up to his previous cd: Hypnotic Infinitum. Next up: split C-44 with Aradia, split cd with Pwin ∆∆ Teaks & a solo C-40 on Rotifer Cassettes.

C-60 / 100 Copies
Download Link Included


1) Slipping Into The Deep
2) Atoll
3) Whirlpool
4) Fissures
5) These Are Barnacles
6) Octopus In Your Dreams
7) Sunlight Dive
8) Memory Tank
9) Acquario
10) Lullaby Of The Abyss



1) Clear Space
2) Paradigm Shift
3) Sapphire Waters
4) Quixotic Vision Fields
5) Vintage Nova Drifts
6) Parallel Ellipse
7) Liquid Oracle


NATION R. GILDS - The Rasp & Songs Carved From Wood (2009)

Nation R. Gilds (Portland) delivers a killer debut double album. The Rasp is a dark and unique take on film-noir-esque organ suspense. Songs Carved From Wood dives into beautiful finger picking melodies and backyard folk. The tape has an overall outsider/lo-fi quality that lends itself perfectly to cinematic explorations (see Hobo Cult Videos for examples).

Self-Released by Nation R. Gilds
Distributed by Hobo Cult
30 Spray Painted Tapes


MAGIC BEACH & ASSS / Split C-30 (2010)

For their first release, Magic Beach (Hobo Cubes & Monkey King / GOA) embark on a drugged out hiking trip up a cosmic mountain... looking for the hidden truth at the Cloud Temple. Electronic waves merge with distorted guitar feedback and loop into an ever evolving haze of stoner dreams. Noisy vocal mantras and high god guitar shredding float above heavy tribal drums. A definite kraut burner!

ASSS (from Portland), move away from their drone inducing drumming to subtler electronic treatments that will fill your blood with a meditative liquid, slowly bubbling as different effects pop into the mix. Their weird vocals and heavy cello-drone will make you wanna spread a thick layer of hashish on your brain and smoke it. Go check them out on tour in March with Chrome Wings.

A) MAGIC BEACH ::: Cloud Temple

B) ASSS ::: Stay Calm

C-30 / 60 Stamped White Tapes
Download Link Included


BERNARDINO FEMMINIELLI - La Montaña del Capricornio (2010)

Bernardino Femminielli embarks on a galactic quest to seek out the unreachable zones of your psyche with his new opus: La Montaña del Capricornio. His 60 minute travelogue emanates good vibes with flowing arpeggiators and oceans of new age synths. The second half of the tape delves deep into darker territories... heavy asteroid type drones and water sounds bubble up into fragmented pieces and evolve into oscillating spaceships. The must have album of 2010!

You can also read another review of this album written up by the fantastic Weird Canada blog!

(There are musical excerpts from the album included in that review)

C-60 / 100 Copies
White Tapes w/ Stamped Name
Linear Notes w/ BF photo
Includes Download Link



Hobo Cubes delivers some of the weirdest tribal psych sounds he has released to date. Droney vocal soundscapes mixed in with oscillating flutes and synths, down pitched tape loops and hazy noise bursts create the perfect ambiance for late night drug dreams.

Gasoline Gathers Hands, Gathers Friends! (which features Scott Cloud of Thoughts On Air) experiment with static tape loops, distorted garage drones, phased out and reversed sound collage and top it all off with some melodic folk tunes. Enjoy the ride thru the ethers.

Edition of 40 Black Tapes
Includes Download Link
Art ::: McDDD

::: HOBO CUBES :::
::: Glazzed Soul :::

1) equation of the mind
2) pyramid's puzzle
3) escape
4) black sahara
5) spirito di volo
6) stone ruby emperor
7) cimitero silenzioso
8) wet dream overdose
9) parlare nel sonno

::: Your Children Will Suffer :::

1) intro
2) sweet city titties
3) ayahuasca
4) a shortage of distant hollow hymns
5) order entry
6) cursing you
7) deadbeat


INES NAVARRO - Caras Ocultadas (2009)

Directly from the psychedelic mind of Ines Navarro (Buenos Aires, Argentina) comes a 60 minute journey through weird pop / no-wave / tropical psych and beyond! The songs on this tape were compiled from many albums Ines has sent me in the past 2 years but recordings range from 2000 to 2935... the future is among us!

Edition of 40 Green Tapes
Includes Download Link


1) Arquitecture 1
2) Telescopages
3) Subsuelo Fibroso
4) Sueño De La Montaña
5) Choco
6) Vomitando En Primera Clase
7) Imp Ex w/ Wonder Wheel


1) Un Rayo Me Devolvio Al Futuro
2) Pipi
3) En Neon w/ Derek Spade
4) Hantavirus Ivonne
5) Iluvia De Bebes
6) Live 2
7) Coco-A


VC / Readymades (2009)

Hobo Cult has successfully melted my face with another uniquely packaged artifact from the bent minds of Velvet Chrome. Channeling the traces of a psych-dementia found in the bowels of abandoned structures and drenching it in the New Zealand acid of Wreck Small Speakers on Expensive Stereos, Velvet Chrome provides the only aural experience akin to a post-Warriors Coney Island vacation: desolation, litter, and decrepit rides breaking through the morning light; a psychedelic vision from oracles and witches brewed for your stereo. It’s bleak, beautiful, chaotic, desperate, intimate, and comes packaged in an unassuming, one-of-a-kind CDR limited to 30 copies. A singular sound that will surely resonate with anyone looking for reverberations on the fringes of musical genre. I can’t get enough, so I ask: WHAT MORE DO YOU FREAKS WANT?
- Weird Canada

2nd Edition
20 CDs
All Covers Unique
30 minutes


ALL Electric NET & Pradada / HOT POPS (2009)

Split Tape w/ Digital Download Included
Edition of 30

ALL ::: Cosmic 80s Dance / Postpunk of yr Dreams

1) Tragical Business
2) Bridget's Feelings
3) Drips of Flavour
4) Supervision
5) I Made a Robot
6) Chicken n' Noodles
7) Teleportation
8) Big Boat (bonus track)
9) Big Boat Love

PRA ::: Electro Psych / Funk Punk Ghettoblast

1) Psyche Sea
2) Midnight Mission
3) Hello, Can I Talk To You?
4) Secret Laser World
5) Nu Obsession
6) Lips Beyond
7) Hold On
8) Raven
9) Axis Of The Skies
10) Serpents Of Erotica


LASER FACES / VELVET WIDOW ::: Split Tape (2009)

Edition of 30 Tapes / C-90

LASER FACES ::: Tribal Electronic Jam Band
VELVET WIDOW ::: Psych Noise Jam Band

this tape one gets truly lost in, from the way the tape is painted black so you dont know which side you're on, to the lack of any tracklisting... luckily i was able to figure it out. laser faces has fragmentary jamming to the fullest; beats against a nice signal esque sound at one point to dissonance next to rhythmaticness, it ends with this cheesy beat, it was great and... i was pretty confused at its intricacies. the velvet widow side is similar but darker and more drony; the tape has a certain quality to it, id call it dingy; its good for driving at night in the woods with autumn leaves and screetchy crackety pickup sticks on the road with the yelllow lines
- SFW / vnr


VC / Readymades (2009)

1st Edition
30 CDs
All Covers Unique
30 minutes

1) drowning in space
2) étude en psychobilly
3) medusa's chant
4) starving to death
5) hours & hours
6) desert frenzy
7) étude en horreur
8) strangers at dawn



Edition of 40 Tapes
C-60 / 2009

:: IN ::

1) canibalizacion de la protesta
2) voyeurista venusino
3) gorilas en el pueblo
4) espiritu caleidoscopico
5) cloudbusters
6) amanecer
7) ave pez lobo

:: WW ::

1) lost signals
2) undress my mind
3) visiones (comienzo)
4) visiones (evolución)
5) visiones (obstrucción)
6) visiones (luz blanca)
7) last symbols



Rivaling Fixture Records as best-designed multi-format boutique label in Canada, Hobo Cult really delivered with a small package of incredibly wyld and strange music; Wasted Widow being the first of many reviews to come. Caught in the imaginative triangulation of punk, noise-psych, and experimentalism, Les Douches Romaines captures a unique moment in uncategorized music. No-gaze? Adjective-wave? Who cares? Classification will certainly fail when filing away Wasted Widow’s wailing distorted guitar, granular noise, vocals delayed beyond calculation, and incongruent notions of song structure. It’s droney and psychedelic and noisey and weird and awesome! I had to have a time-out in my apartment and re-calibrate my association with commonly held notions of “genre” and “taste.” Incredible (no hyperbole). And, yes, those drums are looped in Skyscrape My Shapes. Wasted, indeed!
- Weird Canada

60 minutes of Bloody No-Gaze


HOBO CUBES / SCOTT CLOUD - Split CD & Tape (2009)

HOBO CUBES - Eleven Rituals (1-11)
SCOTT CLOUD - Be Good To Yourself (12-13)

Released by CLOUD VALLEY
Cover Art ::: HOBO CULT

Hobo Cult Records: maniacle psych/noir guru'ness from Montreal, Quebec. Hobo Cubes: one of its many faces weilded by the hands of The Monocle... an entity who must have a ton of aged gear in a dark basement, who must be there 24/7 - because he is spitting out some serious damage that completely appeals to the likes of Cloud Valley. He has composed 11 Rituals which may just release a swarm of microbug matter to scoop out your brain and fill it back up with bubblegum flavoured goo. Diverse blend of instinctual sound science procedure...
- Cloud Valley Records

1) daybreak journal (youth & beauty)
2) midnite mind shine (blurred sleep)
3) acid skin ruin (dizzy confusion)
4) hidden science (obscure symbolism)
5) abstract destruct (grotesque moon)
6) pussy decay (sensation of falling)
7) the bouquet (fancy & morbid)
8) cold breath (dome of glass)
9) sunny riot flags (midnight storm)
10) fancy sex claw (future experiments)
11) end of story (idle wanderings)
12) be good to yourself
13) don't get too bloody weird on yourself



C-90 / 18 Tapes



FEMMINIELLI: Incendio En La Fuente Cerebral

C-60 / 18 Tapes








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